This page is dedicated to those rope skippers from India who constantly strive to break records. As of now, there was no record of top scores in India listed, so the Indian Rope Skipping Federation has decided to publish all the top Rope Skipping Records to increase the competition among Indian players. Here you may find longest Rope Skipping Record in India.

These Top Rope Skipping Records India will be updated every three months. If you think you can break this record then you will have to submit the video of your record. All videos submitted in three months will be reviewed, if your record exceeds the previously published record, then your record will be published and you will also be given a certificate from Indian Rope Skipping Federation.

Complete information about how to submit your videos will be published soon. We are currently publishing the IRSF National winners’ record which you can challenge at any time.

Explore the Longest Rope Skipping Record in India. Longest Rope Skipping Record in India.



Most Rope Skipping in 30 Seconds. Most Skips in 30 Seconds. Longest Rope Skipping Record in India

SCORE - 64

(Since March 2021)
FEMALE (Novice) Under 10 Years
Sanvi Khandelwal (Delhi)
Video Link:

Akshat Rope Skipping Record

SCORE - 75

(Since March 2021)
MALE (Novice) Under 10 Years
Akshat Gupta (Delhi)
Video Link: Video Link

Neelashma - Rope Skipping Record

SCORE - 70

(Since March 2021)
FEMALE (Sub Junior) Under 14 Years
Neelashma Kumari (Delhi)
Video Link:

Shivam Rope Skipping Record

SCORE - 85

(Since March 2021)
MALE (Sub Junior) Under 14 Years
Shivam Nitin Patil (Maharashtra)
Video Link:

Prisha Rope Skipping Record Holder

SCORE - 84

(Since March 2021)
FEMALE (Junior) Under 17 Years
Prisha Tyagi (Delhi)
Video Link:

SCORE - 92

(Since March 2021)
MALE (Junior) Under 17 Years
Govind Sen (Uttar Pradesh)
Video Link:

SCORE - 94

(Since March 2021)
FEMALE (Senior) Above 17 Years
Vandana (Uttar Pradesh)
Video Link:

SCORE - 82

(Since March 2021)
MALE (Senior) Above 17 Years
Akash (Delhi)
Video Link:

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