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Rope Skipping Federation Cup 2021

Indian Rope Skipping Federation organised IRSF Rope Skipping Federation Cup from 20 to 22 December 2021 in Nainital, Uttarakhand. 125 skippers from all over India competed in the rope skipping tournament.

IRSF Secretary General Sandeep Gade, state officials Sanjay Tiwari from Uttar Pradesh, Ashan Ali from Jammu and Kashmir, Prabhakar from Andhra Pradesh, Himanshu Manikpuri from Chhattisgarh, Sapna Gera from Punjab and Devesh from Delhi were also present.

Harpal Singh Flora (the IRSF President) said that we are preparing for Sports Ministry recognition. All the required paperwork is being completed for recognition. We hope that soon the Sports Ministry may recognise Rope Skipping, it will be beneficial for all the rope skipping players. School Games Federation, CBSE, University (AIU) already recognized rope Skipping sport and regularly conduct tournaments.

Zonal Tournaments

“IRSF National Rope Skipping Championship”, “India Inter-School Rope Skipping Championship” and “Federation Cup” are our regular events, and now we are starting four zonal championships. From the next year, skippers will qualify for the IRSF National Championship, participation in Zonal Championships will be a must. Possibly only top three or four toppers will qualify to take part in the IRSF National Championship.

World Rope Skipping Championship 2022

Federation President Harpal Singh Flora congratulated the winners. He said that Indian Rope Skipping players will take part in the World Rope Skipping Championship to be held in America on August 2022. This World Rope Skipping Championship is being organized in North Carolina, USA by the International Rope Skipping Organization and the Amateur Athletic Union (AAU) of America.

IRSF Federation Cup Results

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