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Young Skippers to Take Center Stage at IRSF National Rope Skipping Championship

National Rope Skipping Championship

National Rope Skipping Championship

New Delhi, India – March 31, 2024: The Indian Rope Skipping Federation (IRSF) is gearing up for the upcoming IRSF National Rope Skipping Championship 2023-24, set to take place at the Talkatora Indoor Stadium in New Delhi on April 15th and 16th, 2024.

The event promises a high-energy display of skill and athleticism, with approximately 500 male and female participants from 16 states across India vying for top honors. Competitors will be categorized by age groups, including Under 10, Under 12, Under 14, Under 17, 17+, and an Open category, ensuring a platform for both budding and seasoned athletes.

The championship will showcase a variety of exciting disciplines, including individual events like Speed Hop, Speed Sprint, Double Under, Free Style, and Endurance. Team events will feature Speed and Double Under Relays (with 4 participants), Double Dutch Speed (3 players for 30 seconds), and a Double Dutch Single Free Style competition.

The IRSF, the national governing body for rope skipping in India, is affiliated with prestigious international organizations like the Asian Rope Skipping Federation, the International Rope Skipping Organisation, and the World Inter School Rope Skipping Organisation. Furthermore, the IRSF holds the authority to send players to the AAU Junior Olympic Games, highlighting the national importance of this upcoming championship.

With a large contingent of talented athletes and a diverse range of events, the IRSF National Rope Skipping Championship promises to be a thrilling spectacle. The event is sure to generate excitement for this fast-growing sport and provide a platform for young Indian athletes to showcase their skills on the national stage.

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